Fitted Shoulder Strap


Shoulder strap only, measured specific to you, with no buckle for adjustment.

Our radio straps are set up with better options than your typical store bought straps. Each strap is handmade, hand painted and finished, and made in the good old USA by a working fireman. See below for full description.


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  • These straps eliminate the unnecessary bulk and added weight of the buckle, as well as the possibility of a buckle coming undone while you’re doin’ it.
  • If the strap is customized to you, there should generally be no need for adjustment in length!
  • Our straps are 1 ½” wide over the standard 1 ¼” wide store bought straps
  • The added width of the strap offers bigger text and customization options
  • We add more cord keepers, and a flattened mic keeper to prevent sagging of cord or mic loop
  • We can add a snap to one side of the cord keeper to allow for larger lapel connectors to fit through the keepers, while maintaining a reasonable hold on the cord.
  • Our anti-sway strap anchor is set higher on the strap to prevent bunching or pulling of clothing or bunker gear, and can also be moved from side to side.
  • Each strap comes standard with your name or text embossed up to 12 letters, with two colors included on the text, one embossed “stock” stamp no color (see options). Each additional color above the included two, or to have the stock stamp painted is at an additional $10, please contact prior to ordering to ensure its available.
  • Chrome hardware is standard on all straps, with all black, brass or stainless available at an additional cost (see options)
  • Your choice color of stitching, or none at all.
  • Shoulder strap only, no anti-sway strap or bucket.

Additional information

Strap Color

Black, Red, Natural, Antique Brown, Tan, Saddle Tan, Mahogany, Custom Color (Contact direct after ordering)

Hardware Color

Chrome, Brass (add $5), Black (add $5), Stainless Steel (add $10)

Stitching Color

No Stitching, Red, White, Beige, Blue, Black, Brown, Green, Natural (off white), Orange, Pink, Purple, Gold, Silver

Text Color

No Color on Text, Red, White, Blue, Black, Green, Neon Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold

Text Border Color

No Border Color, Red, White, Blue, Black, Green, Neon Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Metallic SIlver, Metallic Gold


No Stamp, Blank Maltese, Thin Red Line Maltese, FD Scramble Maltese, Fire/Medic Maltese, IAFF Maltese, 4-Leaf Clover, Awareness Ribbon, Cross


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