Lead Time

We are currently running an average of 6-8 weeks on standard products (radio straps, suspenders, truck belts, etc.), and 10-12 weeks out on custom items (mask covers, shields, fully carved/tooled items). Stock small products (chin straps, glove straps, shackles, etc.) are shipping within 7-10 business days of ordering. Non-stock simple items (holsters, wallets, knife sheaths, heavy duty belts, etc), are shipping in 4-6 weeks. When your order is placed, you can expect it to ship around those time frames. If we are considerably faster or slower, we will update this page. Please keep in mind that we are working firemen, and are subject to mando’s and schedule conflicts the same as anybody else, family needs take precedence, and the holiday buying and postal seasons can and will affect lead times. 

Ordering Information

For custom orders that cannot be purchased through the website, or for orders you would feel more comfortable ordering by phone, simply make contact with us and we will work with you directly. Once an order is established, we will invoice you to complete the order. If you do not see the option you are looking for, or want to add something additional to what is already there, please contact us as this would be considered a custom order. If you have any questions regarding placing an order, or updating a currently placed order, don’t hesitate to give us a call or contact us.


Radio Strap Sizing


  1. Regular fits the biggest majority of us, personal length straps w/out buckle are the best option.
  2. Take a cloth measuring tape, tape measure, or piece of string and hang it over your shoulder.
  3. Bring the tape or string together on your opposite side as if you were wearing a radio strap
  4. Hold the place on the tape/rope where the top of the radio bucket will need to sit, usually at the bottom of your bunker coat, to prevent bunching of gear when worn under your coat.
  5. Either record the number in inches on the tape or measure the total length of the rope where marked.
  6. Find the size of strap that best fit your length, leaving a little room for adjustment.

Radio Strap Size Chart

Small: 53″ to 59″
Regular: 59″ to 65″
X-Large: 65″ to 71″
XX-Large: 71″ to 77″



Suspenders Sizing


  1. Regular or XL will fit the biggest majority of us, but bunker pant waist style dictates all. (i.e. high back pants vs. regular waist fit pants)
  2. You first have to choose your fitment style (H-back / X-back), as each style measures differently.
  3. Take a cloth measuring tape, tape measure, or piece of webbing and hang it over your shoulder.
  4. Bring one end of the tape/webbing to the front suspender attachment point,
  5. Bring the tape/webbing to the rear attachment point on the opposite side for X-back, or same side for H-back, as if you were wearing the suspenders.
  6. Hold the place on the tape/webbing where it will attach, this is the correct measurement for ordering.
  7. Either record the number in inches on the tape or measure the total length of the webbing where marked.
  8. Find the size that best fit your measurement, if you are at the shortest measurement of a range, go with the smaller size as the leather will stretch over time.

Radio Strap Size Chart

Small: 32″ to 38″
Regular: 38″ to 44″
X-Large: 44″ to 50″
XX-Large: 50″ to 56″


Every product we make is guaranteed to last, we are happy to warranty any items that have workmanship or material defects. Please understand that our products can/could break, when put under extreme abuse or misuse. We all understand how fireman are, we can break anything.

If damage is due to misuse, abuse, or that “freak accident”, please be honest when you contact us, and we will work with you on a solution. Unless item received was grossly misrepresented, no returns are accepted. Every single item on our website is built by hand at the time that it’s ordered. We are a one-man shop, and there are way too many combinations of colors, liners, arts, styles, sizes, etc to be able to stock any “ready to ship” custom inventory.

Please study our pictures and read the descriptions, then make your decision to either own or not own the very best in custom leather. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us and we would be happy to visit with you about it. If the product you purchase is grossly misrepresented in any way, you are entitled to receive a full refund (less shipping) upon the returning of the product. (Grossly misrepresented means you received the wrong product in this case.)